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November 27th, 2011, 02:36
Originally Posted by purpleblob View Post
You mean Bioware's recent best effort. Their best game was released back in 2000.
For some people perhaps . Honestly, it's a really close call for me. At the end of he day, it's choosing between two games that I really enjoyed playing. I guess playing BG2 for the first time this year made some of the annoyances more noticeable (such as party formations that are completely useless in dungeons thanks to the incredibly cramped, narrow passageways and tiny rooms). Also, while I've finally become proficient with the Dn'D system (thanks to playing Icewind Dale and Temple of Elemental Evil a few years back), it's definitely not my favorite ruleset in the world for crpgs.

Then again, some of the side-quests in BG2 were longer and just as fleshed out as some of the main-quests in DA:O, which made for a really epic playthrough. Six-character parties are a godsend, and this is something I wish was in DA:O…it really feels like you have a small army with you on your adventure, which is great for customization purposes and allows for a wide range of different party setups.

So while it's a bit of a coin-toss for me, it's not something I think too hard about…They're both great games in my book, and they each do certain things better than the other.
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