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November 27th, 2011, 07:24
Peter, why are you taking force of personality on a Paladin? You already get your CHA mod to your saves. Extend would give you more bang out of your short-term buffs for the sp cost.

How are you getting the 20CHA for DMIV? Items and enhancements don't count towards this total; only base, level ups, and tomes do. The best a WF can do without putting two points into CHA from level up is get a +4 CHA tome… which is extremely rare drop out of only the toughest raids. Raids that none of us have ever entered, and in fact only two characters in the guild are even flagged for one of them.

Also, why LoB? You get a free 1000pt heal out of Sov Host.

Corwin, that build is a Pale Master in it's posted form, though it is designed to be switched easily between PM and AM. AMV gives a total of 400sp, and a Archmagi item gives another 200. There's 600sp right there, and that's ignoring the fact that you probably too Improved Mental Toughness (105sp) that this build did not. On top of that, there's a +6 INT item that will boost sp further.

This is a DC-based build, not a nuking build like yours. The focus is on either instant-kills (Wail, FoD, CoD), or crowd control. It does both well.
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