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November 27th, 2011, 12:20
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
Don't know why you would feel the split skill tree is "strange". They simply divided very different skill sets into categories, like most RPGs do.
You're right of course and it is very familiar to the point of almost being generic.
I just thought it was a little odd that Alchemy was given its own tree seperate from everything else when it was so integral to the first game; especially when playing on harder difficulties. I was also not given the option to invest in any of the trees from the outset - think I had to use at least six talents in the Witcher training first before the rest would all open up.

There's no strength, intelligence or dexterity options to speak of either…

So yeah, I didn't really feel the need to use any talents for quite some time because of how initially odd I found the skill tree. I also liked the layout and structure of skills better in the first game.
But ahh well, I'll focus on swordsmanship in my first playthrough and see how it goes from there.

I still can't get the launcher to function for some reason, so I haven't updated my game yet. I've since put two talents into dodge whilst in combat which has assisted my movement issues a little.

I don't mind the political intrigue actually - it was still a central facet to the first game, especially in the second chapter when you're first finding your feet, searching for more clues about Salamandra and discovering the power players in Vizima. I agree that focusing on monster hunting is definitely a central joy of the game though.

Anyway, thanks everyone for all of the thoughts and feedback so far. A variety of opinions and perspectives are always interesting to read and consider. I'm just about to start chapter 2 and have chosen the Iorveth path. Seems like the lesser of the evils.
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