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November 27th, 2011, 13:49
Originally Posted by guenthar View Post
If you come across a lever that requires a certain amount in a stat try having your hireling do it. A cleric works for wisdom based levers and probably a Wizard would work for intelligence based levers.
Thank you very much ! This is a great idea !

(Why didn't I think of it myself ? )

Edit : Sometimes, things are so small it's easy to overlook them …

When looking at the character screen, the one which shows which items the character wars, one can click on the head area to let the glasses be displayed at the character's model itself. There's also a chat command for that, but it works seemingly only for the glasses.

I have never seen it. I think Corwin pointed me to it several weeks ago, but I did not realize it. Plus, the room/space where one has to click into is so incredibly small it is almost "pixel hunting".

But what I found out that one can click into this area (tthe head area, to be exact) to let the headdress appear as well ! Now th9s is the secret ! I had thought that it was a bug that hats aren't properly displayed anymore since update 11, but I found out that hats or any kind of headdress ARE properly displayed - one just needs to switch the display on !

There is no option for that in the options menu; at least I couldn't find any.

Second, the same is true for what's called "embellishment", I think. If one clicks into the body area - like with the head area once ot twice - the full armor is being displayed, too. Don't know what the "embellishment" exactly means, since I think that this can only be bought (I found a special kind of vendor for that, I think it was in some armory) via the DDO shop.

I'm not sure about it, but there are three "click states" with the head now :

1 no display at all (no headdress + no glasses)
2 glasses only
3 headdress + glasses

I'm not sure about the armor as well. Since I didn't find any way the cape is displayed, I'm not surprised if there is another way of turning its display on which I have overlooked.
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