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November 27th, 2011, 14:05
My total play-time for DA:O, including Awakening and all the DLC except Darkspawn Chronicles was 72 hours. I liked the deep roads parts, myself. The lack of a third option in the dwarven questline was the only real thing in the game that I found infuriating, especially with the presence of wider variety in every other quest-line. It all made sense, I just wish there was something else to do there.

My experience with Baldur's Gate is the opposite of everyone else in the worlds, though. I upgraded my computer in anticipation for it. I pre-ordered the game (the last time I did that until this year). I was so excited! I was actually a pretty big Forgotten Realms fanboy at the time. I ran a number of FR campaigns, owned just about every FR D&D book published. I even read the bad novels. I had stitched together the maps from a dozen products on my bedroom wall to plan epic scale adventures for my high school/university pals. But Baldur's Gate failed to resonate with me on every level. I never got into the game, no matter how hard I tried. I've even tried again recently, after finishing DA2. I still can't do it. All the NPC's are horrible and the writing is gratingly flippant. The engine is really poor, it was hard to manage back then and I still find it to be a mess. I've never gotten further than the gnoll settlement… Despite all that, I spent 100+ hours, easily, struggling with the same engine in PS:Torment. That felt rewarding though. I never got that feeling from BG.

Of course, everyone else loves it. People also seem to love driving the Mako, though. I just can't figure people out.
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