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November 27th, 2011, 16:05
Originally Posted by azraelck View Post
Peter, why are you taking force of personality on a Paladin? You already get your CHA mod to your saves. Extend would give you more bang out of your short-term buffs for the sp cost.

How are you getting the 20CHA for DMIV? Items and enhancements don't count towards this total; only base, level ups, and tomes do. The best a WF can do without putting two points into CHA from level up is get a +4 CHA tome… which is extremely rare drop out of only the toughest raids. Raids that none of us have ever entered, and in fact only two characters in the guild are even flagged for one of them.

Also, why LoB? You get a free 1000pt heal out of Sov Host.
I was following a build, but I agree that force of personality is probably not needed for boosting the will save. So I swapped to extend at level 18. I might move around with the feats so I take extend earlier. I will see when I get spell points and notice the problem with not having extend.

LoB was also part of the build, but probably meant for a character who would tank. I saw the weapon type was greatsword and though +1 to hit was good (similar to weapon focus). I didn't like the advanced one though. Even though you get +4 to some stats you can't cast spells or be healed. I don't use Unyielding sovereignty much, but maybe I will more often on my WF. So I made the swap and will se how it goes. I can easily reset enhancements if I like to.

I get the DM IV by starting with 16 cha (actually maxing to 18 and then -2 due to being WF). Then I add a +2 tome at level 7 and I use level 16 and level 20 attribute add to add +1 to cha. That equals 20. If I get a +3 tome I will probably use level 20 for +1 str instead.

I feel that with this build I don't notice the -2 to cha that much. -2 to wis will hurt a bit, but I only need 14 to cast all spells. So I will only be able to cast spells once I can use a +3 or better wis item. I get that from 6 (start) and then +2 tome and +6 item. So I all lose is -1 to will saves, but I gain +2 con and a lot of immunities.

My build is very dependent upon getting the +2 supreme tome (+2 to all stats). So I feel that building a WF paladin is probably only good if you use a TR with 34-pt and tomes.
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