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November 27th, 2011, 21:51
A mini-update. I've since completed the Where is Triss? quest and obtained her bandanna. Have also had a jolly good time wandering around the mines with three dwarves hacking up necrophages in order to find a dwarven immortalles herb.
The next quest will be for some Royal Blood. I think I'm about level 19 or something - just sold my Raven's Armour from the first game finally for a fresh new suit of dragon scale. So cruising along nicely you might say. Vergen so far has been entertaining.

@ Darkling - the troll-ish tone of your assumptions aren't exactly doing much for my thread.

I'm playing the game as it was first released with maybe the first minor patches installed. It runs just fine and I've experienced no crashes, bugs or instability problems; the things that patches generally are for.

My initial issue was with Geralt's movement in combat (if you read correctly) and as I've already reported, this problem has eased somewhat after I put two points into the dodge talent.

Thus technically, I don't feel or see the need to install any more patches. I also wanted to experience the game closer to what it was like out of the box rather than go for the 2.0 update which apparently makes Geralt's attacks contiguous and unstoppable by other blows. This doesn't actually appeal to me if I understand it correctly and I seldom baulk from a challenge. I'll just have to live with the targeting system being a bit clumsy.
In fact, the 2.0 experience may even be worth a second playthrough to feel the differences between the two.

Just a final point - Not everyone has uncapped internet speeds and can just download 900 meg patches willy nilly. Might want to consider that next time, or risk sounding a tad presumptuous.
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