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November 29th, 2011, 01:03
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
I seriously doubt there's very many people that don't want newer games to be as good, or better, than older ones. That's quite a rationalization if I've seen one.
Perhaps you're right, but it just seems that way at times. Using Fallout 3 as an example, I noticed many people who already decided before the game was even close to being released that it wasn't going to be as good as the originals. Reading some of the comments people make about how Bethesda "ruined the Fallout name" is an example of people being close-minded to a new game and not being fair, likely thanks in part to being protective of the classic game and the memories they had of playing it; "FO3 isn't exactly the same, therefore it's not as good" seems to be the sentiment for some people. In all honesty, I do think that FO1+2 are the superior games, but the extremism of some of the big-time FO fans who claim that FO3 is a terrible game and an insult to the series seems absurd. Hmm…it appears I'm going way off-topic again…I don't think Fallout has anything to do with this discussion, so I'll get back to the BG/DA topic

Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
Also, no one said anything about one game being "objectively better" than the other. In fact, you're the only person in this thread who has used that term.
Yes, I'm aware of that…that's why I noted that I had gone off-topic in that post. Sorry for that .

Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
So you're saying that most of the enemies in DA couldn't be defeated by using the same strategies? I find it odd that you would point out something that also applies just as much, if not more, to DA.
I agree. In fact, I already said in my previous post that I completely agree that BG was better than DA in this regard . I just didn't find it blatantly repetitive to the point that I found myself getting bored or tiring of the gameplay before the game was over. Overall, I thought the encounters were handled well enough to keep me engaged throughout the game, even if some of them could be considered "filler combat."

Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
The micromanagement that you're complaining about is what many of us liked about the BG games. I'd rather have that than the streamlined simplicity of DA. - i.e. smaller party, fewer classes, no encumbrance, shared inventory, auto healing, etc, etc.
I was just making the point that some elements of BG could be considered repetitive as well. And those things you listed - "smaller party, fewer classes, no encumbrance, shared inventory, auto healing, etc" are actually things that I liked better in BG and are part of what I wish was taken from that series and put into DA - especially the six-person party, more classes, multi/dual-classing, more creative use of party combinations instead of one standard grouping, etc.

Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
Not saying you're wrong for liking those things. I understand it's subjective. If you prefer simplicity, then more power to you. I'm not saying DA is a simplistic game compared to most modern RPGs, but it was definitely streamlined compared to a lot of older titles.
Now that's definitely not what I'm saying; I don't want "simplicity," as that line of thinking is what leads to games like DA2. In DA:O, I see improvements to areas such as melee/archery skills (where the player has far more abilities at their disposal than the previous "go here and attack" approach), better interface and general party control, a magic system that still has a diverse range of spells but without the sometimes tedious Dn'D rules that seem better-suited to pen and paper instead of crpgs (I'm aware that is a highly controversial statement ) etc.

Actually, I'm a bit torn on the issue of magic…I like that the BG system is great for balance and planning, since you have to be careful with using spells and making sure you only use them when necessary, but I think a better method could have been used than the "resting to replenish" approach. DA's magic was more "fun" for me, but BG's was more tactical, which I like. But that's a topic for another day.

BG had elements that were certainly better than DA:O, as I've already mentioned. Again, I just personally feel that each game does specific things better than the other; combining the two would probably lead to the perfect party-based RPG .

Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
I don't quite understand some of your other complaints though. Would you really expect a party to be in formation in a narrow passage?
It's a dungeon-heavy game, so I absolutely expect formations to work; why include formations if you can't use them? Not being able to use formations in a lot of dungeon combat scenarios took some of the tactical enjoyment out of the game, at least for me. Not only that, but regardless of using formations or not, party-members would sometimes get stuck, fall behind the rest of the group forcing you to sit and wait for them to catch up, etc - all because the passageways were simply too narrow for a full party to navigate. I consider that to be a flaw in the level design, albeit not a game-breaking one by any stretch. Not sure how at least that part can't be considered a valid complaint.

Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
Anyways, the general opinions of both series' speak for themselves. I'd say the main difference is that DA:O was a great game, while Baldur's Gate was a great series. It's a shame because Bioware had an opportunity to have another great series, but they completely ruined it with DA2.
That's certainly something we can agree on without question. DA:O certainly had flaws (as every game does), but it was a great foundation for something that could have potentially become truly special. Considering that the common opinion is that BG2 surpassed BG1 in just about every way, I imagine the same thing could have been said for DA2 if the approach had stayed the same and the effort had been focused on improving the solid foundation laid by DA:O. At least the Baldur's Gate series is concluded; I'd hate to see its name tarnished in the same way if a BG3 was ever made by the current Bioware.
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