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November 29th, 2011, 05:12
I was mining in Skyrim today and it got me thinking about this mindless busywork crap. In none of my pen and paper RPG's has there been a session where the party made mining checks over and over again to accumulate ore. By that same token, I've never ran a game with weapon or armor degradation either. I really have no problem with these simulation elements existing in RPGs, as I play tons of games with them, but I'd really prefer they remain optional. I've never been thrilled at the realism when my armor broke in Might and Magic. Watching my good items be whittled away to nothing in Diablo was frustrating. I'm not fond of any of the crafting in Skyrim, and really wish I could just hire someone to turn my dragon droppings into armour. How often does Elric have to repair damage to Stormbringer? Did Caramon learn blacksmithing on the side during the Chronicles so he could upgrade his armour? Does Frodo need to hunt and skin and tan leather to replace his cloak every few battles because it keeps getting torn? No. No. No. If I wanted to play The Sims with wizards, I'd play The Sims Medieval.

That is all.
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