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November 29th, 2011, 20:44
Originally Posted by Dhruin View Post
- I don't understand the desire to run an "out of the box" condition at all - they improved things for a reason.
I think I've already covered my thoughts adequately on this topic. However, I will try a slightly different angle: Why do people purchase and play brand new (and thus unpatched) games? That's essentially the out of the box experience. I mean why do they do that, really? Why don't they wait for a patch? (yes, I'm being a wee bit facetious…)

Again…I don't trust the changes in the 2.0 update and have had no crashes or bugs with the game as it is…so yeah, we'll just leave it at that. If I run into a problem, it'll be my own fault ok?
Originally Posted by Dhruin View Post
- the skill tree? Are we honestly saying the pathetic, non-existent character differentiation in the first game is better?
I'm not sure about the 'we' part, or if it's objectively better, at the moment I just like it more.
In my three Witcher playthroughs I was able to focus on different skill set specialities each time. Sure, it's basically the same character and often you end up spending talents on some superfluous skills, (especially if you're going for a sign heavy build) but I appreciated having to consider stats (str/int/dex/stam) as well as considering where to put talents at different stages in the game. I also quite like the sword stances and their skill seperation.

As another mini-update on my Witcher 2 playthrough:
I've just finished the fantastic section of the game in chapter two where you obtain the dream crystals and examine them, whilst battling through a veritable demonic horde of Harpies. This was a fun and well designed quest in concept and atmosphere. I even had an amusing epiphany when fleeing from at least 10 of these feathered screaming hell-queens, because with all the fleeing, bomb dropping, igni casting and plain ol' hacking and slashing, I'd made it all the way back to the shack of the fellow who gives you the quest for harpy feathers! There. Side-Fetch quest complete.

Finally - just have to say - wonderful post there DeepO. Posts like that is one of many reasons I like coming this place. Thanks for sharing the thoughts; the repost in particular was a true pleasure to read. Whilst I think some of what you say about the neutral perspective can be seen as a perceptive yet semantic interpretation of events, I definitely found myself nodding and agreeing with you more than not. Watch out for possibly hinty spoilery stuff though, k?

No doubt my views on these matters are still in formation and bound to change as I continue to progress through the game.
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