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November 30th, 2011, 18:06
It's really personal preference.

I loaded it up on DosBox last week and had some trouble getting it to function right. Once I did though, there were a few things that bothered me:

1) Either something was wrong with my setup or when the earthquake happens at the beginning (indicating the rise of the isle of fire), only the characters shook around, not the whole ground. That may be correct, but I didn't think so. No big deal, though I imagine it will annoy me when I cast Quake on my enemies
2) I don't like playing games in a window. You can run DosBox at full screen, but even with the hq3x scaler, stretching it out from 320x200 to 1280x 1024 just doesn't look good to me.
3) The Keyring from Serpent Isle is a life savor and in the vanilla Black Gate, it doesn't exist.

Exult has its own issues though:
1) The game looks great if you increase the resolution, and apply one of the 2x scalers. However, you have to be careful as you can break the game by clicking on things you shouldn't be able to see yet. Their forums seem to talk alot about using hq3x, but it doesn't seem to be an option in the setup.
2) The disappearing items bug
3) Not everything in the original game has been ported over. Some NPC schedules are still missing, and there apparently some issue with the flying carpet that if you go over certain islands, it triggers doors in a dungeon below and breaks the game.

If you do Exult, save early, save often, and if you see something that looks like it should not have happened, immediately revert to an earlier save game.

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