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November 30th, 2011, 17:27
Originally Posted by blatantninja View Post
It's really personal preference.

I loaded it up on DosBox last week and had some trouble getting it to function right.

If you do Exult, save early, save often…
Thanks for the prompt insights!
Just checked in DosBox my old Ultima Collection copy, and the earthquake sequence was OK for me -- I had issues with speed, but that's OK, some INI file tweaking might be in order here.

Also, I have some trouble with Exult. V1.4 feels somehow *not right* compared to V1.2. So I think I'll give up Exult for now -- V1.2 had gameplay bugs, V1.4 supposedly ironed out them, but does not feel right to me (maybe the game speed, or the unnecessary/incomplete additions -i.e. notepad-, I don't know…)
Also, I do not feel comfortable with the "save early and often" paradigm for a 100+ hours RPG…

So, it's settled then: my $6 goes to GOG now, hoping for a tailormade DosBox setup, a patched, "bugfree" game -- and a proper digital manual
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