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November 30th, 2011, 18:56
Originally Posted by duerer View Post
Watch out for the retro nostalgia virus!
Ultima7 is a fantastic game, but…
The combat is about as exciting as singing Karaoke to Bill Shatner's Tambourine Man cover. Modern RPGs do battles much better (ToEE/Fallout)
The lore is interesting, yes, but so it is in Arcanum and Elder Scrolls.
The, the story is dramatic (Serpent Isle!), but IMHO it really needs a cinematic approach (Dragon Age).
… and so on, the comparison is absolutely pointless

So, why do I like U7 and want to play still? Because of Garriott's crazy vision of an alternate universe that constantly expanded episode by episode, yet remained mostly consistent (U1-U7p2). This is E-p-i-c continuity, and yet to be recaptured in modern games.

FYI, my personal "good old times"-achievement goes to:
(drumroll please)
Dragon Wars.
(Choices! Replayability! Insane character development! Newgame+! Whatever!)
Yep, they just don't make'em like this anymore.
Yeah I was only referring to the elements of the persistant world which it got right - and I did include the caveat that it was impressive "for the time." Also I was not suggesting that no modern game managed to include these elements but rather that there are games whose present iterations are just now starting to include them - the Elder Scrolls being an example.

Ultima lore in general is just plain goofy. Ultima VII combat in particular is goofy and awkward on levels matching the lore and story. While elements of the store are interesting and well done, they have the misfortune of playing out in Richard Garriot's blatantly self aggrandizing ego-trip fantasy world. I have not suggested otherwise.

Perhaps watch out for the ridiculous straw-man argument virus instead.
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