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November 30th, 2011, 20:15
3) Not everything in the original game has been ported over. Some NPC schedules are still missing, and there apparently some issue with the flying carpet that if you go over certain islands, it triggers doors in a dungeon below and breaks the game.
That's an issue with the original vanilla Ultima VII actually, not Exult.

Exult fix quite a few bugs from the original games that were still present even in the UC versions of them. As I said, Serpent Isle you'd randomly get the "Sacrifice" keyword bug with every playthrough, not happening in Exult anymore!

That being said it's true some things in Exult doesn't feel exactly like they did in the original, like combat or the way NPC companions follows you… but the trade of is well worth it IMO.

Its amusing that modern games are just now beginning to recapture some of the elements that made Ultima VII so immersive at the time.
Gothic has been doing that since 2001. Just sayin'…

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