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November 30th, 2011, 20:44
Originally Posted by Sergorn View Post
That's an issue with the original vanilla Ultima VII actually, not Exult.
Thanks, I get confused easily these days!

Exult fix quite a few bugs from the original games that were still present even in the UC versions of them. As I said, Serpent Isle you'd randomly get the "Sacrifice" keyword bug with every playthrough, not happening in Exult anymore!
Yeah, I should have pointed out that Exult fixes quite a few bugs. Plus the pause feature on the combat makes for a much more fun combat experience.

That being said it's true some things in Exult doesn't feel exactly like they did in the original, like combat or the way NPC companions follows you… but the trade of is well worth it IMO.
Agreed. Quick question, I saw someone on Aiera reference you (well your username at least) in regards to running Exult using the hq3x scaler. Do you know anything about that? I wanted to give it a shot, but its not built in (from what I can tell) and I couldn't find anything on how to enable it on Exult's forums. There were some references to people compiling their own code, but that was it.


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