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November 30th, 2011, 20:50
It's a 24X33 poster and you need high enough resolution to read the text. I'm not sure whether there would be a cheaper way to do it. I can print it on regular paper and tape the pages together, but that'd look terrible. Anybody have a different idea?

If you read our emails, bottom up, this is how I phrased my question and answer session with Kinko's:

Our hours through the week are from 7am-11pm. The total for your project will be $52.35 for the printing, combining and enlargement. We can also laminate this for you for an additional $16.29 + tax. Let us know what you think.

Great! What are your hours of operation?


We have a sample printed for you if you would like to come in and take a look.

Would the text be readable on this standard matte? There’s a lot of text, and legibility is super important J

The file, once combined into one page ends up being about 24x33 (six square feet). To print this in color on our standard matte paper would be $7.25 a square foot or about $43.50 total. At that point, we could laminate it for $3.00 a square foot or mount it for $4.95 a square foot.

It’s a huge map from Skyrim. I’ll attach the pdf and you can let me know what it’d run in the various formats.

Yes we can.

Would it be color or black and white printing?

Subject: large pdf

Do you have the ability to print a .pdf map that is 3’X3’? If so, on what types of stock and what are the costs?
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