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November 30th, 2011, 23:19
Mr. Mini-Frankenstein, Head of Beginner's Crafting In The RPGWatch Guild (that's me ! ) has assembled something new : An "Unbalancing cloak of poison resistance" (+2 to saving throws). I just can't wait until I can finally put/bind these +2 things into items (especially weapons) !

I learned through one of those myriad game tips which are displayed each time you start DDO or load an area, that binding an item in/with the "stones of change" keeps the item from being irrecoverably damaged during any repair process.

I'm planning to do so with my current "+1 lesser acid guard chain shirt". I find this "acid guard" thing just great.

I'm planning to upgrade my beloved two-handed sword with +2 one day, and with other things. It is already upgraded (read : crafted) with something I translate for me as "irritation".

Right now I'm looking for an item to bind my "spell resistance" shard to.
I definitively need it, I believe.

Today I did a quest on "hard", and made the mistake to hire a level 1 hireling for that. Bad mistake ! I had thought it wouldn't be so hard, but it was … I had to revive him 2 times … After the second time he actually said "don't do this again" or so I have it in my memory.

It's strange, but the higher the level of my character, the more I fear that he might fail. It's strange, even to me, to have this fear, and it is definitively irrational. I guess I must look into my own psyche for reasons why I feel this way.

To my utter surprise I noticed today that i had been overlooking all of the time that I have a second crafting items bag ! - I don't remember when I received it anymore … But it is definitively of good use !

Now I wonder what I'll do next … Next Saturday, by the way, I won't be available. In the evening, that is. And in one of the next Sundays the same.
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