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December 1st, 2011, 00:34
Maybe I'm blind, but I didn't see him ever try to equate an illegal download to a lost sale. Almost nobody does - it's just a few people in the industry trying to justify (or sell) DRM who count downloads as lost revenue and use it that way.

But it's equally stupid to assume that NONE of these freeloaders would have bought the game if piracy was magically not an option. Somewhere between full price and free, they all would have acquired the game (since, you know, they did). For how much? Maybe 1/10th would have bought it at full price, 2/10th at half-price, 4/10ths at quarter price? If so, then that's the equivalent of another millian-and-a-quarter full-price sales, which is still *a lot*.

It's all speculation, But the thing these numbers do reveal is just how rampant piracy is. I refuse to by Ubisoft games with their ridiculous DRM, but seeing these numbers, it's easy to see why they had that idea. When your store is being burglarized every week, you can move or shut down your store, improve your protection against burglary, or pass the cost off onto your legitimate customers so they can subsidize the criminals. Or a combination of all three. Take your pick.

I can only volunteer this anecdotal evidence (which I share on an upcoming Matt Chat interview): Immediately after the pirated copies of my game appeared on the net, my sales dropped in half. And stayed there. You can see the trend take a steep dive and never recover. Maybe that would have happened anyway, but it's suspicious.
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