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December 1st, 2011, 00:42
Originally Posted by Thrasher View Post
Also downloading doesn't imply playing or even wanting to play anytime soon. To consider each download a lost sale is ridiculous.
Exactly and sorta what he said:

"If they do not want it and they pirated it, it means we did not have the right offer for them – maybe the price was too high and they will buy it later on a year or two after the release when it will be more affordable."

A great read, really. It is amazing how they approached the situation here in Poland. Indeed when I was still living in Germany and just visiting Poland from time to time, I got the impression that here games are simply not bought. When I moved to Poland 4 years ago the situation was totally different and on most boxes you had the CD Projekt logo. I also like his attitude - his and Michal Kicinski's, Co-Owner of CD Projekt. Interviewed him a couple of years ago when they were about to get started with GOG and it is really nice to see that he wasn't just flooding me with PR speak but that the promises made about GOG were in fact true.

Originally Posted by RampantCoyote View Post
I can only volunteer this anecdotal evidence (which I share on an upcoming Matt Chat interview): Immediately after the pirated copies of my game appeared on the net, my sales dropped in half. And stayed there. You can see the trend take a steep dive and never recover. Maybe that would have happened anyway, but it's suspicious.
Did you ever leave a comment on some of the larger torrent sites? Something like "Blabla, I'm the dev, thanks for downloading, if you liked the game and want to support my drug habit AND eventually play a sequel please head to my LINK and buy the product". I don't know in what range your game is selling, but IF that would make a difference then numbers might be low enough to eventually see a spike a day after you posted on 30 torrent sites. I might be overly optimistic here.
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