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December 1st, 2011, 01:27
Way of speaking, 1 seed/leech doesn't equal one full download. Also, torrent isn't the only place to download stuff illegally making "estimating" this a nightmare and equivalent to pulling numbers out of your ass.
Yeah, there have been other approaches, especially with online-playable games… they put in a sneaky way of determining whether you are playing with a legit license or not. They don't go into details, but it sounds like it would be a pretty accurate estimation, and with that methodology they are reporting 80%, 90%, or higher percentages of non-legitimate players.

People immediately question those numbers, too, because most of us can't believe piracy is that widespread. The estimate he provides here jibes with numbers I keep seeing from numerous alternative approaches to counting piracy. There are quite enough data points by this point now to suggest that a 3:1, 4:1, 9:1, and even higher pirate / customer ratio is not uncommon.

Did you ever leave a comment on some of the larger torrent sites?
No, I have not. I justify it by saying it's not worth my time, but I don't really know that.
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