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December 1st, 2011, 02:18
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Yeah, there have been other approaches, especially with online-playable games… they put in a sneaky way of determining whether you are playing with a legit license or not. They don't go into details, but it sounds like it would be a pretty accurate estimation, and with that methodology they are reporting 80%, 90%, or higher percentages of non-legitimate players.
People question those numbers and find them hard to believe because they appear to be at odds with more comprehensive and rigorous studies of piracy rates in different countries and regions. At the high end those rates are barely compatible with the estimates for piracy in general for traditionally less profitable markets such as the Ukraine and Russia.


Perhaps it is partly that general studies on software piracy do not focus on game piracy, but in the largest markets these rates do seem out of place compared to the rates found by more rigorous studies which show them to be closer to 20-40% in the largest markets (with the US being at around 20%.)

The only large market where the rate is high enough to even potentially explain such high perceived rates of piracy would be China - which is also one in which many of these games are simply not even offered for legal sale.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I see no distributor for The Witcher 2 for china for example. It may be availible in Chinese but it does not appear to have distribution there.
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