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December 1st, 2011, 03:23
Originally Posted by azarhal View Post
*Way of speaking, 1 seed/leech doesn't equal one full download. Also, torrent isn't the only place to download stuff illegally making "estimating" this a nightmare and equivalent to pulling numbers out of your ass.
In a way yes and in a way no .

First, even a single download would theoretically suffice since it could easily be copied and duplicated millions or actually infinite times.

Secondly, though his method might be questionable, he clearly stated that it was still a conservative estimate and that the real number is probably much higher which he figured from the comparatively low 1:4.5 ratio alone.

Thirdly, I think we need to be aware that in quite a lot of countries only the really dumb people still use BitTorrent. Torrents can be tracked and they are being tracked like mad.
In Germany we have a lot of young, bored, underpaid lawyers with nothing else to do but tracking down Torrent users for downloading music, games, and movies etc.
Then they send out cease & desist letters and collect hefty fines & fees depending on how much someone downloaded.
That's why in Germany any pirate with half a brain has long resorted to file hosting services like Rapidshare which allow for risk-free stealing. Only dumbfucks still use torrents.
Since I believe the situation is similar in quite a few other countries I don't think I really want to know how high the number would be if we factored in other sources than torrents.
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