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December 1st, 2011, 04:27
Peter, you are aware that you will not have proficiency with Dwarven Axes right? Dwarves do not get proficiency, like elves or drow do for a few martial weapons, they treat DA as a martial weapon instead. The distinction is unless you already get a full list of martial weapon proficiencies (Barbarian, Fighter, Paladin, Ranger) you won't get DA prof. Even pure Rogues or Bards, who do get a few martial weapons, do not get proficiency in dwarven axes. That's part of why I suggested the 2 level Fighter splash for Rhogu, as otherwise he'd have had to burn a feat.

This won't be an issue with the GS axe as you'll be using it for a casting implement (if an odd one). However, saddling a 3/4 BAB with a -4 non-proficiency penalty will make you next to worthless in melee. Unless you want to burn a feat.

The way I see it, our makeup is this:

Peter: Will run off alone, complaining of having aggro and saying we're out of range, while drinking enough mana pots to float a battleship. Will be raising Corwin from the dead.

Corwin: Will aggro half the map with his bow. Since I expect him to make the mistake of kiting around instead of pulling out a decent set of melee weapons and making use of the three TWF feats he gets for free, I expect him to run around haphazardly, rendering the melees in the group unable to contribute or pull aggro off of him, and eventually going "I'm dead people".

Jo: Will be cursing out Peter, and raising corwin from the dead.

Connie: will fall off of a cliff somewhere. Even if there isn't one. Also will be raising Corwin from the dead.

Me: will be casting Grease on Peter and Corwin. I may occasionally remember I'm a Bard and sing a song or two, but everyone will run off so I'll haste and rage myself, and go run off alone like I usually do. Also will be raising Corwin from the dead.

Tom: will forget he has a caster and kill things with an axe instead. Sadly this will probably accomplish more than any of the rest of us. Probably will build enough UMD to raise Corwin from the dead (what else is he going to use all those skill points on?)
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