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December 1st, 2011, 03:46
At least for the numerous IP services I've used in the US, I've never found one that relies on dynamic IP addresses. Indeed it is because of static IP addresses that the internet user can be identified by their IP address. Perhaps things are different in Europe; but I suspect not since virtually of the file hosting services require a waiting period between downloads; and they all rely on IP addresses to determine whether a waiting period is needed (some, but not very many, also check cookies as a redundancy check). If most addresses were dynamic (as you imply), the system that all these companies use would be totally inoperable, which hardly seems likely.

[Edit] Even with broadband providers that do use dynamic IP addresses, the fact of the matter is that the addresses are rarely changed because the address leases are normally set for a long time. But more significantly, the IP address is assigned to the high speed modem (not your computer), so changing the IP address, even if that were available, would require rebooting the broadband modem. But the softwares cited by Moriendor do not reboot the broadband modem after every download. [End Edit]
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