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December 1st, 2011, 16:28
Originally Posted by ToddMcF2002 View Post
I don't know why developers don't bake in game breakers for pirates like Mass Effect did. The weapons would get stuck in an overheated state if the copy wasn't legit. Brilliant! Not sure how they did it but I find that hilarious.
Drakensang 1 was said to make people finding their character suddenly in a prison cell if their game was pirated. Also, the often asked question of "Barla is not there ?" (Barla is an important, story-related NPC) showed that pirates were punished by simply the story being blocked by the absence of the plot-giving character (Barla, that is).

One could easily spot pirates with that in the forums.

I think it was Sacred 1 where one would be transformed into a bunny (?) if the game was pirated.

Originally Posted by GhanBuriGhan View Post
A good reason not to do that is that your forums and the whole interenet will get flooded with indignant "customers" complaining how broken your worthless game is - and potential "real" customers will actually believe it.
Wasn't that the case with Titan quest ?
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