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December 1st, 2011, 18:03
@RPGFool: Congrats. You must be the most dense person I have had the questionable pleasure of arguing with in a long time. You managed to completely either ignore or not comprehend what I wrote. Then you have no idea how exactly the software works that we were talking about but yet make wild claims and assumptions about its capabilities or lack of capabilities. Not bad…

Originally Posted by RPGFool View Post
@Moriendor - I have neither the time not the inclination to argue your ridiculous statements. You said the dl software worked because of dynamic IP addresses.
I never said anything like that. If I did -> quote.
What I did say is that IF (let me restate that a few times for ya: IF - IF - IF) there is or were a waiting requirement for a file hosting service THEN you can or could very easily work around that with the DL software by automating the disconnect/reconnect process, thus obtaining a new IP via a simple automated script command.
In the case of Rapidshare this is not even necessary because -once again- they do not have any waiting queues at this time. I even presented a screenshot as proof when I started a download of Skyrim for demo purposes. What more do you need?
Anyway, that's what I said and it is 100% factually correct. Feel free to point out what you find "ridiculous" about that.

I pointed out that that getting a new IP address requires modem reboot even in the rare times that it is available. You conveniently ignored that. You also conveniently ignored the extended lease times. It is you who is once again completely wrong.
Bullshit. As I pointed out, the vast majority of home users who are customers of the big ISPs are on dynamic IP addresses. There's nothing "rare" involved anywhere and I didn't conveniently ignore it either but already refuted your argument (or rather assumptions regarding the distribution of dynamic IPs) earlier. Did you even read my post? I guess not.

Rapidshare says that there are waiting times. You are simply wrong on this.
It is very clear now that you did in fact not read anything I wrote. I even presented evidence via demo'ing that Rapidshare at least currently has no waiting times. Zero. Zilch. Nada. None at all. What language do I need to say "nothing" in so that you may finally be able to understand this as well?
As I said, I have no idea why they (RS) did not update their site or if they intentionally left the waiting requirement for free users notice on their site to be able to reinstate it at their leisure but fact is that Rapidshare currently has ZERO waiting between downloads and it's been like that for a few months already.

Yes there is piracy. But the huge numbers that people claim for piracy are supported by nothing but supposition and speculation. Speculation based on partial truths that ignores real world numbers and real world problems establishes absolutely nothing.
I don't know about that. There are actual statistics out there, you know, like TorrentFreak stats for 2008, 2009, 2010.
Then we have a big number of devs telling us that it is a huge problem and it's not just the big devs but also people like RampantCoyote who pointed out in this very thread that his sales halved as soon as his game became available as a free copy. Or people like Jeff Vogel who blogged here that up to 90% of his "customers" might be playing a pirated version. Or then you have the World of Goo guys who claim similarly high rates. Or Bohemia Interactive who shoot very high with a 97% claim.
These are numbers we have previously only heard from players like UbiSoft & co. but here we have indie or smaller devs throwing around the same high numbers.
I'm not sure why we would want to artificially downplay the problem or doubt the numbers when there are so many knowledgeable sources telling us the opposite.

'Nuff said.
Yeah. Hopefully…

Originally Posted by bjon045
For the vast majority of people BT offers far more. It is rare for my BT's to drop under 2-3MB's a sec and it would take roughly 9 "free" fileshare hosts to match that.
As you can see from my demo screenshot I'm downloading from Rapidshare with no speed limit (1.3+MB/s and I have a 12MBit line so we're at max speed here). It's been like that for a long time now with Rapidshare. They dropped the waiting in line requirement and the speed caps a few months back. Whether temporarily or for good, I don't know.
Also, once again: Torrents are being monitored and getting tracked. Depending on which country you live in, you will get tracked down and zapped (fined by lawyers).
In Germany -where I live- if you fire up a BT client you're begging for getting a cease & desist letter. It's stupid. Over here only dumbfuck pirates still use BT (w/o using a proxy).
Anyone with fractions of a brain left has long moved to file hosting services which is evidenced by the fact that on the popular piracy sites you will mostly find links to Rapidshare, FileServe, Netload, Uploaded, BitShare, FileSonic, WUpload, Filejungle etc. etc. etc.
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