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December 1st, 2011, 18:51
I have a sinking feeling that Origin is going to be needed to play this. I have no proof of this or read anywhere it said this, but this feeling of dread keeps creeping up on me whenever I read something about this game. It sounds too good even with the actiony combat and I just know EA is going to screw it up somehow. There are only a few EA titles where they haven't screwed up something about the game.

The Sims Medieval was a lot of fun and didn't have 1001 stuff packs associated with it. Dragon Age: Orgins was great, but that was mostly finished by the time EA took over. No time to screw it up. If Origins is associated with this game then that's it for me. I'll have to pass.

Edit: On second thought it will be a good excuse for me to finally learn written Chinese. I've been procrastinating with that for years now so what the hell, I'll learn it just so I can use that dang Origins
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