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December 2nd, 2011, 01:44
Originally Posted by Biff The Understudy View Post
The problem with perma death in an mmo is that most mmo deaths outside a raid/dungeon enviroment are eather due to a technical failure or griefers
(something a permadeath mmo will attract by the truckload).
I find neither option an acceptable method for loosing god knows how many hours of work so i for one will be skipping this if final death is implimented.
Shame really as i was looking forward to this one.
They have not clarified HOW one dies perm, in fact they hinted you will have x amount of 'lives' (hence the use of torpor) once used up them you get final death. None the less all they HAVE stated as fact is perm death is in, the specifics are not known. A little early to toss in the towel just yet IMO.
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