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December 2nd, 2011, 01:02
Originally Posted by ToddMcF2002 View Post
A fellow Bostonian! However… you seem slightly attached my friend! I'm hardly alone in critique of said Obsidian product.
Salem, MA now actually but lived in Boston for over a decade love that town go back often. You in the RPG scene there?

Well I am a fan of obsidian, as they are the last real CRPG studio in north America. (several good ones in Europe however) that said, I do not see how the NWN1 story was anywhere near the quality of NWN2. NWN1 was nothing more then 2 big fed-ex quests duct taped together with a 'betrayal' that was foreshadowed (prob unintentionally due to poor writing) to death. Seriously? The NWN2 story had more depth and interesting NPCs then a whiny elf paladin you could predict a mile away what was going to happen.

And if anyone says the FX was better then I know they are bioware fanboys. *chuckle*

The writing and story pretty much steamrolled nwn1 by far and am astonished anyone legitimately thinks otherwise. Though in fairness that is subject to opinion and ones (low) standards of 'good' writing.

I find when a studio does not bend backwards and caters to the lowest common denominator (intelligent, deep story wise) those denominators not accustomed to more upper crust writing take issue with it. I present Planescape:Torment as evidence of that. While many praise it, many slam it because frankly, the writing is above them and they actually have to read/listen to get anywhere.

NWN1 a sixth grader could follow the story and found it entertaining IMO. Not a highlight of the best by the former Bioware.

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