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December 2nd, 2011, 02:19
There are not alot of ways to do this really as in the end they either have permadeath or they dont.
If they give you a set of "lives" and presumably some option for earning more why even bother with permadeath at all? (unless running a scam by including an ingame store with lives for cash)
An unreplenishable safetey net of say 10 lives will still deter the people not willing spend huge amounts of time on something they can loose while still attract the very vocal griefers you usually see advocating permadeath in every new mmo's forum so in the end would not change anything.
I for one will not invest the time usually accorded an mmo when there is a chance i could accidentally loose it all or have it taken away (or be forced to pay extra).
Raiding/instancing would also not work well in a permadeath enviroment as the encounters would either have to be very easy or perm death would have to be disabled or somehow negated for the duration of the raid.
Hate to say it but we are living in an age where mindless, risk free and instant gratification is what gets you customers so i doubt permadeath will allow for anything other then a very small niche game.
Due to budget restraints small niche games usually do not get the amount of updates and expantions nessesary to keep an mmo alive more then a few years.
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