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December 2nd, 2011, 07:38
Originally Posted by MysterD View Post
NWN2: OC was A LOT better than NWN1: OC, if you ask me.
Oh, I agree completely with you there. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean that it was good (to me, of course ). I was never interested in the toolset/multiplayer module focus of either game, which is why I don't care for the series. I personally would have much rather preferred a continuation of the Infinity Engine style of single-player games for NWN (sort of an "updated/modern Infinity Engine," so to speak), but we didn't really get anything resembling such a thing until Dragon Age: Origins.

NWN2 was a step back towards that direction, but I hated the interface, camera, and general clunkiness of the gameplay - not too mention the boring, stereotypical fantasy story ripped from just about every cliche imaginable and filled with dull, wooden characters. At least, that's how I personally felt about it when I played it. It wasn't a terrible game, it just felt…kind of empty and unsatisfying.

Originally Posted by MysterD View Post
Though, NWN2: Mask of The Betrayer was greater than both.
I agree, MoTB was a vast improvement over the NWN2 OC. Unfortunately, it still had the clunkiness of NWN2's interface, controls, and camera, but I was certainly more than willing to overlook those flaws for a campaign that actually felt inspired.
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