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December 2nd, 2011, 18:54
I was kinda obsessed w/ the game for a while. Build a base, then go down to FP view and run around, go in the different buildings and adjust the weapons loadout on the vehicles that will be produced by them. Sit there in your base as it's being attacked, watching all your defensive structures and vehicles repelling the attack. You can even go in and man the defensive turrets!

The ability to command any vehicle is awesome, you can be right in the battle in a vehicle or go back into commander (top view) and direct the battle from there if you want. Things like jumping out and sniping enemy vehicle drivers and stealing theirs in the midst of battles is great fun. Go kamikaze w/ a stolen enemy vehicle into battle or right into their base to scope it out, you always eject when it explodes so after you hit the ground you just snipe another one in the cockpit and get another. Or if you want you can call any of your vehicles to come "pick you up", the driver will come to your location and jump out of the vehicle and you can take it.

Just a great game, I've never found another like it. The downside is that ai is pretty retarded, a lot of babysitting is needed on units but that's pretty much the only downside.
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