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December 2nd, 2011, 19:59
Originally Posted by Biff The Understudy View Post
When people claim nwn1 was better then nwn2 i can only assume they are refering to the gameplay and more importantly the toolset rather then the story.
The fans of nwn1 seems to be focused more on the multiplayer aspect and downloadable modules then the story and sadly nwn2 kinda failed in both those areas.
Gameplay was pretty horrible too especially for melee classes but that is true for both games.
While i consider nwn 2 to be a gigantic step up from nwn1 im also not into multiplayer or player modules.
Failed? Not so much. The nwn2 toolset simply cut out the lesser skilled hence why there was less of everything. A blind, tied up in the basement stevie wonder could make a module in nwn1. The nwn2 toolset required planning, time and effort. 80% of the 'module' makers of nwn1 didn't move over to nwn2 because the learning curve.

However those that did stick it out made some wonderful and beautiful creations. I simply saw it as letting the cream rise to the top and in that way was a good thing. Cut out all the vanilla, garbage modules makers they put a whole 30mins into their 'module' and uploaded it to nwvault. So you had to wade though 3 pages of swill to get to one fine wine. Didn't have that issue nearly as much with nwn2 files/modules. Most all files were quality.
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