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December 2nd, 2011, 22:11
Originally Posted by JemyM View Post
Is Bioware popular here and are many of the recent news regarding Bioware (have a look) RPG related?
I'll say it again. More clearly it seems. If the game is RPG related and popular among our visitors then we will cover more of it. Just like we are continuing to cover this new Bioware offshoot. The second they show us that it isn't RPG related at all, is the day I will stop covering it. Can't speak for Dhruin, but I won't touch it with a ten foot pole. Even the not-so-popular RPGs get an appearance here like the roguelikes and Project Zomboid to name a few.

It's pretty much the same deal we give anybody. Show us a rpg that people here might be interested in and it gets posted. I could give a rat's ass who publishes or develops it.

So no I do not see Bioware as a whole being dropped completely. That would be idiotic. In the end who really cares who makes it? Sure names can mean something, but not with Bioware anymore. It will be the game that will be weighed. It will be measured and if it is found lacking then it won't appear here.

Same as before. Nothing has changed just because Bioware has gone off the deep end. It's the game that gets judged.

As for all the chatter about Bioware now well of course there is. This is all brand spanking new and hot off the presses. Come on Jemmy. You know all this. Are you really this bored….hell am I really this bored to be responding……..I guess I am. Screw that I'm going back to Terraria. Have fun here.
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