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December 3rd, 2011, 00:54
Originally Posted by Zygo View Post
Obsidian never had the D&D licence, they did NWN2 via Atari (largely funded via another independent group, BVT). Atari has basically lost the licence now, whether there will be another exclusive licencing agreement or licencing on a project by project basis (or even direct funding via Hasbro/ WOTC) is not known. The SP RPG is presumably the animation franchise Obsidian has been working on so there are still 'open' projects (such as the one JESawyer is working on) that could be D&D.
Obsidian/the publisher same difference as it related to my point. As they nor any publisher they are working with holds the D&D lic. For my point I didn't think I needed to be anal about it as people would understand what I meant. As most people do not understand the difference between publisher and developer so didn't feel the need to get into a lot of details that had nothing to do with my core point.
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