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December 3rd, 2011, 11:51
Might & Magic 3-5 aren't quite the same (and the rest aren't at all similar). They are fully turn based. When you are in the same square as the enemy it turns into pretty standard menu combat, like M&M 1 and 2 or Wizardry, albeit with icons. When you're wandering around the map, the enemies only move or attack when you do and your party acts entirely as a group (all with bows firing arrows at once). The perspective and tiles are the same, that's certain. But the gameplay isn't.

I suggested Lands of Lore due to its ready availability (everyone around here loves GOG) and generally introductory nature. It's also pretty, generally fun and Patrick Stewart occurs! It does lack character generation and has some weird puzzle type situations that can feel inscrutable but.. I still have more fun replaying it than EOB 2. Only a bit, though. EOB 2 is quite good.

Dungeon Hack combines the few good things about EoB 3 with a roguelike-style random dungeon generator. It's always fun if you like roguelikes, Dungeon Master/EoB clones, and especially if you like both.
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