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December 3rd, 2011, 15:36
I just finished playing an interesting little game called "Trauma" that I bought on an impulse, without knowing anything about it, during the last sale on steam for next to nothing.

I think this one might be the best example of a game being art that I've seen so far. The story is about a young woman who recovers from a car accident and you get to guide her through four of her dreams that pretty much illustrate her anxieties about what she wants to do with her life. The gameplay is easy and rather limited, though with an interesting twist on the standard first person point-and-click adventure game mechanics. Its messages are equally easy to decipher: doing what others expect you to do is futile and treacherous but following your own road is hard, while overcoming problems creates or reveals more problems and any way you look at it you're screwed etc.

I'd say both its concept and its presentation (although it is without a doubt very skillfully constructed) make it feel more akin to an art student's project - which nonetheless puts it light years ahead of the 99.99% of existing games in this aspect.

Unfortunately it is very short, it took me about 40 minutes to finish it and about an hour more to discover all the hidden endings and secrets. I would nevertheless strongly recommend to anyone who hopes that computer games will one day bear more sophisticated concepts than simplistic variations of 'killing bad guys saves the world' would 'invest' on this game so that such things will be encouraged to grow and spread.

As I said I got my copy from Steam but anyone interested can actually play the entire game for free on its website at http://www.traumagame.com/
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