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December 3rd, 2011, 18:06
For once I kind of disagree with the comments here. It does seem like some of their adjustments and requirements are odd, but South Park is their marquee franchise, I can understand them being picky about it, especially considering they are involved with the scripting. This game's bread and butter will be the humor, probably not the in-depth RPG elements, so I don't think we should expect that. It will probably still be fun. It fits that they have drawn some elements from Final Fantasy, considering that the show has poked fun at Japanese animated shows (also where the classes come in to play).

Anyway, it's going to be a RPG, but I expect it to be more of a play on RPG's than anything. If we fall into the trap of critiquing gameplay elements too much, we will be just the group that Matt and Trey will be poking fun at. Like anything else they've done, it won't be fun if it's taken too seriously.

$19.99 casual game? Highly doubtful considering the name on the box. If they are going to tease the bombastic nature of many RPG's, I would expect their too be plenty of silly content. I am somewhat excited for this game, but more as a fan of South Park and humor than as a hardcore gaming experience.
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