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December 4th, 2011, 16:03
Heads up: Worldmerge Version 1.2 released


This single file contains all you need.

Worldmerge 1.2 Setup.exe:


Important Note for current users of older Worldmerge Versions (Beta, Release 1.0 or Release 1.1):

Lyrus discovered some nasty bug with the last quest step for Marvin's/Stoney's questline. After completing the last (former) mp map (the one you gathered the XI series for) you will be - as intended - teleported back to Marvin, but then he will fail to understand that you just solved this last map. With 1.2 this bug is cured, but this does unfortunately not cure your existing savegames. Therefore I have come up with the following hotfix:

1. Open ingame console (with ^ or tilde key) and enter:
twoworldscheats 1
quest.eq 990070

2. Then speak to Marvin - after you're done, enter:
quest.cq 990070

This will resolve the questline as intended. My apologies for this glitch and the associated inconvenience of this hotfix.

Best wishes

Ah, sorry about the misspelling, Thrasher.
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