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December 4th, 2011, 18:24
Originally Posted by rossrjensen View Post
Chaos, I highly doubt it will be a failure, at least from a financial standpoint. The reason Obsidian said that this was a project they couldn't turn down is because they are aware of just how big South Park's following is. They have a nice-sized group of hardcore followers that never miss the show when it airs and a legion of more casual followers that will watch it when it happens to be on TV or when it is convenient for them. Plus, Matt and Trey are riding a wave of grammy nominations and numerous Tony awards from the Book of Mormon. I would say the game may not be a critical success, but I see very little stopping it from being a commercial success.
I watch every episode, thanks to DVR, and consider myself an "average" fan. But based on what I said earlier (they haven't been funny in almost 2 seasons now, movie sucked, etc) I have ZERO interest in playing this game.

I just wonder how many fans are 'hardcore' enough to want to pony up what will likely be 60 bucks to get a chuckle here and there listening to the same old jokes? Maybe this game had a chance 5 years ago, but South Park is dying AFAIC. Sure they still have ratings, but eventually folks will figure out it's already been as good as it gets.
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