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December 4th, 2011, 19:44
At first glance, I thought this had to be a joke, but on second thoughts…

-There are five classes, which are wizard, paladin, adventurer, rogue, and a fifth unannounced class.
-The humor will be more focus on the games they have played in the past but Parker mentions that games have lampooned other games before so they don't want to do exactly that instead they are focusing more on RPG's on how big and bombastic they can get sometimes.
so their intentionally using generic classes…
parody episodes of lord of the rings/warcraft/facebook/tron.
This could actually work assuming a completely generic skill trees, and items that alter the effects based on the character loot (ie wizard magic missile = paper airplane in school = fireball in fantasy parody quest = …)

-The player will play as the new kid in town, the main theme of the game is fitting in and being accepted.
so multiple factions to work with, where working with one prevents doing quest from others (ie jocks, goths, cheerleaders, nerds, …)

-If player initiates combat they will attack first and vice versa.
-X button is for melee attacks, pressing it in well-timed succession will result in multiple hits.
-Obsidian doesn't want the player to have to sit and watch animations play out; they're incorporating dynamic camera angels at certain times, such as a Ro Sham Bo attack that stuns an enemy.
Turn-based combat, with no unskippable slow-motion kill animations

Obsidian is using the Dungeon Siege III engine.
They're using the engine they built themselves and used in the least buggy of their games.

Assuming obsidian's usual standard of writing + minimal bugs + multiple factions/questlines + turn-based combat …
If this was the usual high fantasy rpg, they'd be giving us exactly what we been begging for in a while.
Assuming they pull something equivalent to kreia's take on the force in kotor2, this could actually be an interesting game/thoughtful take on social interactions.

That is provided their offices don't get firebombed because of

-There is a Summon System but they are not able to talk about it
I read this as the summons are likely to feature pedobear, seaman, hippy Jesus and masked Mohammed, hence why they're not talking about it.

or sued out of existence by the cult of Scientology, for …
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