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December 4th, 2011, 21:28
Why that?
My carpal tunnel says no. And when your carpal tunnel is talking to you, no means NO.
Gamebryo Bethesda style - urgh. Unreal 3 Bioware style - bah. Aurora gone Electron - don't get me even started.
I think when people complain about these game, they are complaining about the graphics and artistic style. I don't have a problem with Onyx engine's graphics or artistic style. I like it. But DS3 featured a poor and unnatural control scheme. PC gamers who use a mouse and keyboard to play DS3 (and Southpark, I suspect) are constantly at risk of damaging their own body -permanently- by playing a stupid button-masher.
I will wait to see the game in action, but I'm not gonna go anywhere near it as long as I'm not 100% confident that it uses a better control scheme than that of DS3.
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