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December 5th, 2011, 02:53
Yeah seriously people, an engine is basically just a versatile tool than can be used for a variety of games, UI, controls and whatelse.

Juste look at the UE3: it's been used for FPS, TPS, RPGs, JRPGs, RTS, Action/Adventure, Beat'em alls, Fighting games, survival horror and probably other stuff I'm forgetting about. Point is: it's all over the place and has pretty much been used for all kind of games, with all kind of gameplay, UI and whatever.

Eck just look at Gamebryo too, sure it's Oblivion engine - but it was also the engine for Sid Meier's Pirates and Civilization IV!

Need I say more really?

Expecting South Park will have a crappy control system (note: it might who knows?) on account that it uses the same engine as DSIII is ludicrous really.

The only thing with South Park using the Onyx engine is that we can be hopeful that's it's gonna be a stable and hopefully bugfree game based on DSIII's record in that record. Nothing more can really be thought out from the engine choice.

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