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December 6th, 2011, 06:49
The biggest game from Cyanide that I've played is Blood Bowl. They did a good job with it. The AI is horrible, but for a game as complex as Blood Bowl I wouldn't expect miracles. They aren't as exact with some of the rules like FUMBBL is, but it seems close enough for me. Never played the boardgame so I can't get all snobby concerning implementation of the rules. Other than that I've wasted many an hour with BB and enjoyed them all. I've wanted to throw my computer out the window a few times when my dice rolls went bad, but that's not the games fault. That's the dang dice.

I heard Chaos League was great. So great that Games Workshop sued them and then decided to hire them to make Blood Bowl Odd way to start a business relationship. Now you can't find Chaos League because they were forced to take it off the market due to the similarity to Blood Bowl.

Of Orcs and Men looks interesting. I'm kinda curious if they can pull off both this GoT RPG and Of Orcs and Men. I believe the only other RPG I've played from them is Loki. It wasn't anything special. Played it for about a day or so and quit. Hopefully they've learned a few lessons since then.

Was checking their games out to see if I've played any others and man do they have a lot of cycling games. They're the EA Sports of cycling it seems.
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