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December 6th, 2011, 17:29
I kind of wish, maybe at the bards' college at least, that one or two of the bards sounded like a lightly less produced version of that (since they're not using mics in game maybe use 3 singers to acheive the the chorus effect instead)

Some of the fan renditions of Elder Scrolls music have been quite impressive - with some of the recent ones being exceptionally so.

Morrowind-Skyrim Medley (Bethesda reps thought this one was quite good and featured it on Bethblog):

Fan Cover of "The Dragon Born Comes" used in the trailer mentioned in the article- one of the songs sung by in-game bards:

I know they've been posted a couple times elsewhere but they're worth checking out if you haven't yet. I'm glad that most of the gaming industry doesn't push the crushing weight of ASCAP on performances like these - definitely don't need them learning any more bad habits from Disney and Sony/BMG than they already have.
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