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December 7th, 2011, 05:59
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Ok Dte, if I catch you in game I can take a look. Going to look at wiki for it now and see if that makes sense to me. lol
Somehow, I've managed to delete my planner file for RhoGu. Perfect. I've got a printout, though. My build is going to be a little different from most rogues because I didn't do much with sneak attack. Not a good decision from a min/max perspective, but RhoGu was designed to solo, never use the sneak button, and to be a front line melee type, all of which mean he'll keep aggro and sneak attack will be useless. If you're building to run with a party, sneak attack is much more valuable, although you won't be able to "wade in" without begging someone else to take aggro like jm always did. To my mind, that decision boils down to how you intend to play the toon. I also shifted the order of my enhancements a little from the plan, but you'll want to personalize those anyway so I'll just show the plan as,ummmm, planned.

Dwarf, 32pt build
STR16, DEX16, CON17, INT12, WIS8, CHR6
no tomes planned, although he's used a few he got in-game
skills: balance, disable device, haggle, jump, open lock, search, spot, UMD except fighter levels, then jump and swim, and 4 points in tumble at lvl1

lvl1 rogue
feat- two weapon fighting
enhance- rogue haste boost, dwarven axe damage, improved disable device

lvl2 fighter
feat- oversized two weapon fighting
enhance- rogue damage boost, fighter critical accuracy

lvl3 fighter
feat- toughness, weapon focus: slashing
enhance- dwarf CON, racial toughness, fighter STR, fighter toughness

lvl4 rogue
ability: DEX+1
enhance- dwarven axe attack, rogue DEX

lvl5 rogue
enhance- rogue wrack construct, rogue item defense

lvl6 rogue
feat- toughness
enhance- rogue damage boost2, rogue haste boost2, improved disable device2

lvl7 rogue
enhance- dwarven axe damage2

lvl8 rogue
ability: STR+1
enhance- dwarf CON2

lvl9 rogue
feat- improved two weapon fighting
enhance- rogue haste boost3, racial toughness2

lvl10 rogue
enhance- dwarven axe attack2

lvl11 rogue
enhance- racial toughness3

lvl12 rogue
ability: STR+1
feat- improved critical: slashing, improved evasion
enhance- rogue haste boost4

lvl13 rogue
enhance- wrack construct2, rogue item defense2

lvl14 rogue
enhance- rogue DEX2

lvl15 rogue
feat- greater two weapon fighting, skill mastery
enhance- racial toughness4

lvl16 rogue
ability: STR+1
(bank action points)

lvl17 rogue
enhance- rgoue DEX3, rogue damage boost3

lvl18 rogue
feat- toughness, defensive roll
enhance- rogue damage boost4

lvl19 rogue
enhance- rogue item defense3

lvl20 rogue
ability: STR+1
enhance- sneak attack training1, 2, and 3
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