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December 7th, 2011, 05:03
I agree with much you say and I just followed a build by an expert rogue guy. For dps I guess a str build is better. Don't you need dex for many skills?

This is a moot point since Cm has already created her rogue at level 1 so it will be the enhancements and feats she will select now. The attributes advances are pretty much set unless she got both str and dex to a pretty decent level.

Power attack for a dex based toon with weapon finesse is probably not so bad because you get so much bonus to hit from the very high dex that it will offset the -5 to hit from power attack. The +5 dmg from power attack is equal to having to boost the strength by 10.

The boosts like rage will still help on the damage if you have a dex build.

The main benefit I see from a str build is that you don't need a feat for power attack and can instead pick a khopesh. I'm not sure how much the skills with suffer from having less dex.

Cm can expect to get tomes from quests and if we get a +2 dex tome we can pass it along to her.

I don't know how high the skills will have to be to deal with the quests we're doing. I expect us to play many of them on elite (or at least hard) since we're all TR'ed and can take the challenge. That means the difficulty for spotting and disabling traps will be higher. With GH and great gear I think even elite difficulty can work well.

So it might be that a str build will give enough skill points for the important rogue skills. I think it's certainly possible to try and just reset the enhancements if it didn't work out as expected. Changing attribute increases can be more challenging, though.
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