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December 7th, 2011, 05:08
One thing for Cm to remember is that my paladin is specced to be a defender of Siberys intimitank. He's specifically built to attract aggro. If Cm's rogue puts skill points in diplomacy and gets the subtle backstabbing enhancements she can expect to more easily lose aggro if she gets it.

I can use intimidate to gain aggro and I get enhancements to boost the intimidate even further. So there is a big chance Cm will be able to get in numerous sneak attacks when we're in the guild group. I therefore think she should build a rogue that can take advantage of maximizing sneak attacks.

Before we didn't have melee characters with decent intimidate so the rogue or casters ended up with aggro. We're changing this now by building our toons for being in the same group all the time and not for soloing or pugging.
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