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December 7th, 2011, 06:16
I think our group will actually become quite powerful. We have the following.

1. Paladin with a lot of hp who probably can keep aggro
2. Favored soul who can do caster damage, but also heal
3. Wizard who will have the spells we need for both damage and buffs
4. Bard for nice buffs, crowd control and also melee damage
5. Ranger for ranged attacks, buffs and even melee
6. Rogue for traps, locks and sneak attacks

The only thing we will miss is the versatility of a cleric. We will have slightly fewer buffs, but it will be offset by the wizard and bard/ranger. We won't have great turn undead capability, but the paladin can do some. Mainly we will miss the cleric radiant aura so we will have to depend on potions for remove disease, remove curse, neutralize poison, restoration etc. Eventually the favored soul can deal with some of these and the paladin can deal with remove disease.

In some quests we might want to have 2 melee characters with very high dps. I think both the ranger and bard can be helpful there. We only have 1 healer type and that means we might rely more upon healing potions, but the paladin, bard and ranger can all do minor healing. So I think we should do fine.

The favored soul is much better than the cleric for offensive casting (if built for it). That means we have 2 characters (wizard and fvs) who can dot boss monsters and do area of effect damage as well. Crowd control should be pretty good as well with the wizard versatility and the bard abilities.

It will be interesting to see how our group will perform when we meet together. I have a feeling we can breeze through hard and elite will become the normal challenge for us if at level or higher for the quest. if we can do all quests at hard or elite we will keep our bravery streak.
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