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December 7th, 2011, 10:59
Peter, you did not quite grasp what I was saying. STR gives to-hit AND damage. Finesse only gives to-hit from DEX. Meaning that focusing on DEX will result in a lower to-hit and damage total. So a STR based build would be better served with PA, and be better able to handle the to-hit penalty, than the DEX based one. I just don't think 5 damage is worth it on a feat-starved, 3/4 BaB class, particularly one that may lose far more from missing than it gains.

You cannot put more than 4 points into a skill at level 1, 1 per level after that. A Rogue has more than enough skill points to max out Search, Disable, UMD, and Spot. I ended up with more than I knew what to do with. Heck, a Ranger Exploiter build is based on the fact that they get enough skill points to max out UMD and Disable on top of Search and Spot.

She needs a +2 DEX tome by 9 if she wants to take ITWF, which requires 17 DEX. This is if she dropped DEX to 15 to start. Any later, and you risk running out of feats.

The critical skills for a Rogue are Disable and Search. Too low a disable will result in a blown box. Too low search will result in no box found. Both use INT. Spot is necessary since none of us have every quest memorized, and uses WIS. Only Open Lock needs DEX, and as I pointed out and proved with Fireflash's exploiter life, can be left with 4 points and just an item and still handle locks.

Also, when was that article written? Bluff was changed fairly recently, before it did nothing. Now it literally gives you SA damage on success. You have to be careful when using even official sources of info, as they can easily be out of date. Even some of the loading screens have wrong info; Paralyzing has not given auto-crit since we started, and auto-crit was taken out of the game entirely in Update 9.

I will not be taking spells for things easily taken care of with potions. We're not just starting out here; all of us can afford to keep a stack of neutralize poison, cure disease, remove curse, remove blindness, and even lesser restoration pots on hand. Brialle really does not have the spell slots to waste on them either, and her sp is better used for either crowd control or killing things, not curing things that can be taken care of by 10c pots. That leaves peter and corwin, and in both cases, they will only have a few spell slots to speak of.
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